Sunrise Elopement at Silver Dollar Lake in Georgetown Colorado

Your wedding day doesn’t create something that wasn’t ALREADY THERE. Rather, it’s a symbol of who you’ve been and the start of who you’ll be on this next journey.
You might open this blog, or another app, and you see photos that really speak to your heart. You saved them, you dream of your wedding day, you long for moments like what you’ve seen can be captured.

But the truth is those photos are true for the people in those photo
And you want it that way
because when it’s your turn, YOUR PHOTOS should be true for YOU.
A photographer’s job isn’t creating something that isn’t there. Rather, a photographer’s job is to listen to the inner voices of yours in order to really hear your dreams, inspirations, your truth…
I got the honor to listen to S and T’s story then turned that story into photos. Photos of their love for the beauty of Colorado where they both moved, Photos of how they got so nervous, both giggled/smiled during their first look. Photos of how they opened letters from their loved ones, and finally when they hiked back down the mountain together as one.

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